Should The Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo?

What Rondo Brings to the Celtics 

       When the Celtics drafted point guard Rajon Rondo in the 2006 NBA Draft, he  was nothing more than a role player among greats like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. The Celtics needed a pass first, defensive point guard, and that is exactly what Rondo brought to the team. Coming out of Kentucky, scouts praised his court vision and athletic ability. wrote: "As a point guard, Rondo is of the pass-first variety, being highly unselfish and featuring excellent court vision and passing ability. Although he didn't always get a chance to show it, he is everything scouts look for in terms of being able to run a team, particularly his intelligence and poise with the ball in his hands, along with his ball-handling skills and natural talent in finding the open man" 

       In his second season, Rondo and the Celtics went all the way, raising banner number 17. Rondo also started on a Celtic's team that lost in the Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010. Rondo brings championship experience to a team full of young players, who have not even escaped the first round. If the Celtics are going to make a playoff push this season, they will need Rondo's experience and leadership. 

Arguments For A Rondo Trade 

       When the Celtics selected Marcus Smart with the sixth pick in this year's draft, it created an interesting situation for head coach Brad Stevens and general manager Danny Ainge. The Celtics now have three very good guards in Avery Bradley, Smart, and Rondo. Only two guards can start, and all three are starting caliber players. Marcus Smart is a rookie, and Bradley just signed a new contract. Leaving Rondo as the odd man out with only one year left on his contract, and the oldest of the three players. Rondo is a top point guard in the league, and the Celtics could get great value for him if they act before the deadline. 

Arguments Against a Rondo Trade

      Like I said, Rajon Rondo is one of the best in the league, and his court vision and passing are unmatched. His leadership and experience will be very influential in leading the Celtics to the playoffs. For Marcus Smart, having Rondo above above him will tremendously speed up his development. If Rondo is willing to accept a contract extension, Danny Ainge should consider keeping him around.